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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A New Project for Russia, Ukraine--Naah. . .


So, I'm thinking to myself, it is pretty clear that the swift integration of Ukraine in the EU is not going to happen. Neither will a deep divide between Ukraine and Russia, nor the incorporation of Ukraine (or any of their neighbors) as a dependency of an extended Russian Empire, work.


Perhaps what these societies might need is a new invention. A supranational state, with a progressive social project to unite them--oh, I don't know, something fun, like abolition of the private appropriation of the product of the labor of others, or some such. While they are at it, they might just devise a radical new form of participatory democracy (and call its basic units, for lack of a better word, 'councils'). They could then proceed to create a new moral anthropological character and name it the Council Person and imagine this ideal person as free of nationalism, racism, and greed. Meanwhile, they might introduce an effective system of social mobility for tens of millions of people, and implement an efficient spatial redistributive mechanism to even out most geographical inequalities among the various parts of the so-enlarged, highly diverse, state. Subsidize and support the arts and radical creativity in social relations, family form, and schools. Oh, I don't know, perhaps they could even try to see if anybody else is interested in adopting this idea, elsewhere in the world, and produce an ideology for radical social change in general . . .

-- oh, wait,


what-ever. forgetaboutit.


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