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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ukraine / Russia: Migration Patterns Show Deep Mutual Dependence

According to the findings of an EU-sponsored migration research project, approximately 5.34 million Ukrainians, or, 11.7% of the country's population, live and work abroad. Of that number, 227 thousand live in Poland, 201 thousand in Italy, and 154 thousand in Germany. Altogether, 1.05 million Ukrainians live in the European Union.

Meanwhile, no fewer than a whopping 3.56 million Ukrainians live in Russia (i.e., a number more than three times greater than those living in the EU). Of the Ukrainians who work abroad, almost exactly 70% depend on Russia for their livelihood. And Russia depends on them for labor, of course. With that, Ukrainians constitute the largest "foreign" contingent in the labor force of Russia.

As it turns out, Ukraine, too, is a major migrant receiving state. And, lo and behold, who else but Russians constitute by far the largest contingent there: of the 5.3 million "foreigners" working in Ukraine, 3.6 million--again, approximately 70%--are Russians.

The mutual interprenetration of the two societies, and the economic, social, political, moral, cultural co-dependence that that implies is what the west, west-faced intellectuals and neonazis in Ukraine, as well as opportunists, corrupt politicians and militarists on all sides, are playing with.

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  1. Hi Jozsef, a very good analysis of Ukraine and its place within the Putin political system here: http://www.lrb.co.uk/v36/n06/james-meek/putins-counter-revolution


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