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Monday, September 2, 2013

Questions (Almost) Nobody Seems To Ask

  • What about the spectacular failure of the global policy, diplomatic and other international relations apparatuses of the states of the world that allowed the Syria crisis to come to this point?
  • What exactly is stopping normalcy (peaceful solutions) from kicking in? 
  • Where are the benign and convincing efforts of the parties not involved in the conflict to force those involved to the negotiating table? 
  • What exactly are diplomats, international lawyers and intelligence services doing while the crisis proliferates to the point of genocide? 
  • Specifically, WHERE IS THE EUROPEAN UNION--according to its own rhetoric, the "soft power" that is designed to spread peace and tranquility in the world? 
  • Along the same lines, what is the position of the European Union vis-a-vis its member state(s) that are eager to engage in a war?
  • How did we get to the point where war is seen as the only "policy tool"? 
  • Let's say, somebody has "crossed the red line," whatever that is--who said that tomahawk missiles are the only tool to react? 
  • WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE on whodunit? 
  • Seeing all this, what kind of global politics do we have? 
  • What processes produce people that launch nerve gas on civilians? 
  • Who supplied the nerve gas? 
  • Who taught them to use it? 
  • Who advises them? 
  • Who are they anyway? What is wrong with them? 
  • What processes produce the people that let things get this far? 
  • Where is the UN? Who determined that the UN can only investigate the presence / absence of nerve agents, and not who deployed them? 
  • Is the UN accountable to anybody for this negligence?
  • Why is nobody talking about the unbearable vulgarity of all this?

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