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Thursday, April 1, 2010

To Bail or Not To Bail

The bickering, as it is obvious to anyone following European politics, continues as to whether the EU, the Eurozone, the IMF, or who knows what external force, should bail out Greece. The latest is a proposal about splitting the Euro into two: one called Euronord, the other Eurosud. I find this absolutely brilliant. But why stop at "north/south"? Why not split along, oh, I don't know, perhaps the borders of the member states?

In my opinion, this is a superbly clear example of the complex global geopolitical entity, the EU, dancing a two-step routine: acting, in one context, as a single entity and, in another, as an (or more) ad hoc group(s) of its members. I call this routine in chapter 4 of my book the elasticity of size. For more, see it there . . .

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cover page of the book
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